Stewart Filmscreen Projection Screen-4Way Screenwall Electrimask

Stewart Filmscreen Projection Screen-4Way Screenwall Electrimask
Stewart Filmscreen Projection Screen with aluminum extrusion frame finished and wall mount brackets


Stewart’s 4Way Screenwall Electrimask features both horizontal and vertical masking, providing the ultimate flexibility in aspect ratios. Combining a fixed screenwall with three individually motorized masking panels, this screen allows for any aspect ratio ranging from 1.33:1 to 2.35:1.
Optimize your 4Way Screenwall Electrimask with a variety of Stewart’s award-winning front projection materials. Microperf X2 and Cinemaperf are available when acoustic transparency is required (acoustically transparent panels also available upon request).
Stewart's exclusive VeLux™ black-velvet appliqu gives the 4Way Screenwall Electrimask a luxurious look and feel. This specialized frame finish absorbs possible over-scan while boosting perceived contrast.
Additional Features:
  • Variable Aspect Ratio - Variable Height/Variable Width
  • Electronically controlled horizontal and vertical masking
  • Aluminum extrusion frame finished with VeLux™
  • Snap fastening system securely attaches screen to frame
  • Choose from a variety of Stewart’s front projection screen materials
  • Wall mount brackets
  • (1) external 12v screen trigger (VICS) - vertical panels
  • (2) 3-position high voltage wall switches (HVS) - horizontal panels
Custom Options: (Available By Factory Quotation)
  • Rear projection models
  • Custom sizes and aspect ratios
  • Acoustic perforation on front projection models
  • Acoustically transparent masking panels
  • BRIC system recommended for ultimate masking flexibility and control


Projector Screen TypeFixed